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Law Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

Oct 31 2016

We know that trying to find legal advice from a reliable Solicitor can be a nightmare, while many people worry that the costs involved will be hair-raising. At LawStore, we do everything we can to take the fear out of accessing legal services - find out how... 

Law Changes That All Employers Should be Aware Of

Oct 20 2016

This is set to be a busy time for small business owners and all 
employers, as a host of employment law changes and HR reforms come into force. Some of these are applicable now and some are up and coming and will need to be prepared for.

Will You or Won't You?

Oct 13 2016

Go on admit haven't made a Will because you only do that when you get ‘very old’ and you will of course, get round to it one day! Most people associate Wills with the elderly but this is a common misconception.

Protecting Your Online Business

Oct 04 2016

With an estimated 4.68 billion pages the internet continues to evolve so do the laws that govern it. The web is huge and can be an unconfined place for e-commerce, few traditional businesses would set up without considering the legal implications and this is the same for online businesses

My landlord won’t fix the problem – is housing disrepair driving you up the (damp) wall?

Damp or mouldy walls? Dodgy electrics? Leaky plumbing? When you’re renting a property, relations with your landlord can get heated pretty quickly when your expectations are not met. Who is responsible for what repairs and maintenance can seem like a very grey area, and many tenants aren’t sure where responsibility lies or what rights they have. We’ve put together some essential tips and handy explanations for tenants to shed some light on this murky subject. 

Being in unhappy relationship ‘increases the risk of health problems’

May 31 2016
A new study published by Relate found that almost one in five (18%) couples in the UK are in ‘distressed’ relationships, leading to clinically significant negative impact on wellbeing.  That’s 2.87 million people across the UK in relationships where they argue regularly or are considering separation. It’s an alarming figure, with worrying implications for both the adults concerned and the children living in an atmosphere of constant tension.
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