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finance dispute

Financial and Property Issues and Disputes

When going through a relationship breakdown, separation or divorce there can be property and financial issues to consider. The dividing and splitting of assets during this emotional time can often cause disputes, delaying the settlement process.

Our Family Law solicitors are experts in advising in all aspects of financial and property disputes after a separation or divorce. We can assist in negotiating a settlement and formalising the agreement by preparing either a separation agreement or binding a consent order. Failing this, we can assist in financial settlement proceedings at Court.

Separating couples who are facing financial disagreements may want to consider mediation or collaborative law. Either through mediation or a collaborative process, financial arrangements can often be dealt with amicably through negotiations between solicitors.

How We Can Help You

Getting independent legal advice early on can be important should a financial issue arise. Our Family Law solicitors provide clear, practical advice on how to protect your interests and achieve the most beneficial settlement. We also understand that no case is ever the same and that the division of assets and income can often be complex. That’s why our solicitors are on hand to provide straightforward advice and assistance at a time when you need it most.

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