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Our Online Store

LawStore Online is a simple and cost effective way to deal with your legal issue using online documents. Not all legal matters are complex and need a Solicitor to guide you.

Using the online service means you are taking more control of your legal matter and it will save you money.

You do not need to use a Solicitor or pay for their time unless you need to!

You are safe in the knowledge, that depending on the service you choose, you can request help from one of our panel Solicitors, who will provide you with support and guide you through the legal process.

The online service simply requires more general input from you than instructing a Solicitor in the more conventional way.

The outcome of the matter will deliver the same result for you. This service just requires you to do some of the work yourself, which will save you time in explaining your situation to a Solicitor and money on fees.

View our online documents here.